The Last Kingdom Fanfic

The Last Kingdom Fanfic

The following fanfic is simply called “The Last Kingdom Fanfic” and written by jasminecanada. In this story, King Alfred gets very sick and is cured by princess Gisla, who came with her husband Rollo to attend a royal wedding. When Alfred takes his crown off, he already feels better, but he is not completely healed. Gisla finds a prayer to heal him in his Enchiridion (his notebook) in which she draws a Chi Rho sign. Alfred and Gisla talk about friendship between their peoples and Alfred explains how friendship feels for the Anglo-Saxons.

The qualities of a great King involve being resourceful, generous, and brave. All of these qualities which King Alfred the Great possess, causing him to be admired by his people. They were known among the world as Anglo Saxons, their moral compass surrounds the idea of honor, loyalty, and duty.

Which is why many so willingly follow alongside King Alfred. Throughout Alfred’s life, he has had many health conditions which stirs the concern for those around him. Tragedy has recently struck, as King Alfred has found himself greatly ill. Nowhere near well enough to leave his bed.

News of the King’s illness had spread, and Gisla, the Francian princess along with her Viking husband Rollo of Normandy had initially come to attend a royal wedding that was being held, and had found themselves in the company of the King. Heart stricken with worry for the King. Gisla has been tending to his health.

Selflessly staying by his side to nurse him back to health. “King Alfred, you must stay in bed until fully recovered.” Gisla warned. Leaning back to rest against the pillow the King gratefully replies, “Gisla, no need to use my title so formally when you’ve loyally stayed by my side to nurse me better.”

Alfred notes how the gold crown sits uncomfortably on his head, removing the headpiece and placing it by his bedside. He rubs his temple in relief. Already feeling better from removing it, though still slightly fatigued from sickness. A troubled look crosses Gisla’s face from seeing the King in so much pain, Gisla’s eyes drift to his nightstand. Spotting the King’s Enchiridion.

“May I?” She asks, referring to his notebook resting on the stand. “Of course dear.” Alfred replies. Flipping through the contents of the Enchiridion, she begins, “Perhaps the key to your virtue lies in the Psalms.” Often the Psalms were used as medical remedies for illnesses, as well as asking for God’s protection from one’s enemies.

Gisla having such faith in this, going back to her devotion to Christianity. Carefully and precisely she begins drawing a Chi Rho Sign, as Alfred watched her ministrations silently. Finishing the creation of the symbol Gisla broke the silence, “ This symbolizes the victory of resurrection over death, may you overcome this illness.”

Smiling at her kindness, Alfred thanks her. Before she could leave Alfred speaks out to her, “ We aren’t so different, you and I.” Turning to him, Gisla voices out, “Pardon?” The King leans up to rest against his pillows. “ My people, we consider ourselves one with another, we hold our friendships dear and protect each other. I believe your people have similar values.”

Stepping closer to his bedside, Gisla agrees with him, in a soft voice she says, “ Of course, we are bound to one another through many means King Alfred. We do not take it lightly. And in that aspect, yes we are very similar.” Pausing for a moment she continues, “As well as the fact we are skilled in languages that no other have the opportunity as we do.”

Agreeing, the King nods his head, “I admire your sacrifices and choices you’ve made, marrying off into a completely different world it seems. That is true bravery, to give up the familiar and venture into the unfamiliar. Not many women handle it as gracefully, perhaps only the truly elite do.” Alfred compliments.

Both of them sit in a comfortable silence, letting one another’s words sink in. Noticing a small smile appear on the King’s face, Gisla raises a brow in questioning, waiting for him to speak once more. Yet he says nothing, it appears he’s said all that was needed.

The understanding between the pair is admirable, considering the fact at one point. The Vikings and Anglo Saxons haven’t always seen eye to eye. Yet there is an obvious friendship between the two, a silent reassurance that they are both equals with similar values and morals in mind. Alfred’s eyes begin to droop with a tiredness.

Understanding he must still be fatigued and needs rest to recover, Gisla walks to the door, “I will leave you to your rest, I pray you get well King Alfred.” Nodding his head in acknowledgement he dismisses her, “Farewell Gisla, I hope the next time we meet will be under lighter circumstances. You have been a tremendous help to me.” After she leaves, Alfred closes his eyes and succumbs to a peaceful sleep with a light heart.

My name is Martine and I am writing my PhD about the Cyborg Mermaid. On this website, you’ll find blogs about autism, cyborgs, fan fiction, King Alfred of Wessex, mermaids, music & musicology, martial arts, (neuro)psychology, video games, and random nerdiness.

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  1. I love this storyline, is good to know more about it. I have see few post again to get more inspiration from the storytelling 🙂 very enjoy it..

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