Work with me

On my blog I share stories, music and art. It is my wish to inspire, entertain and motivate others with my experiences and ideas, thus using this tiny little piece of web space to make the world a better place.

From my blog, I grow as a person and my website grows with me. (Numbers available upon request.) In addition, every day I welcome new followers on my social media.

Do you like what you see on this blog and are you interested in working with me? Don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss the possibilities. Who knows what we can do for each other! ^_^


Do you represent a brand that matches my values? Then I would love to collaborate with you. As a guest author I can write for your blog or (online) magazine, and on my own platforms, I can blog about your book, game or museum exhibition, for example.


Through this website, I would also like to offer some gigs. Are you looking for an original cover of your favourite music, a “how to play X on the piano” video for a particular song, a translation, or some design (like an illustration or a logo), for example? I would love to help you out.

All prices in consultation.