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  • Synaesthesia – an essay on the adjacency of the sense of hearing and the other senses
    During my Master’s degree in musicology at Utrecht University, I took the course “A History of Modern Listening”. This blog post is based on an essay I wrote for that course, and published in response to a Tweet by Elise Cordaro. +1
  • Ideal Home
    As long as I remember, I have been fantasizing about an Ideal Home to realize my Ideal-I. Currently, I am working on practical applications of technology to improve the lives of autistic people (for a Special Issue of Applied Sciences). This blog is a collage of free writings that explore the overlap between those two. With a soundtrack! 😉 +2
  • Japan Fans & BudoGirl – Creative with Black Ink
    To accompany this page with Japanese calligraphy, I created an updated version of my guest blog for the website Creative with Black Ink. +2
  • Rituals of an Urban Monk
    As your typical Aspergirl, fixed patterns and structures are important to me. That is why I am so attached to rituals. They bring peace to my mind and give me something to hold on to when I am sad or confused.  +1
  • Visual analysis of the Gummi Bears’ song
    As an appendix for my forthcoming article in Dzieciństwo. Literatura i Kultura, I made this description of neomedieval elements in the theme song of Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985–1991). +2
  • A reflection on 2021
    Every year in December, I make an insanely long list of goals/wishes/intentions for the year to come. This year will be no exception. But I always start by reviewing last year’s list… which is sometimes confrontational, but mostly fun. 😉 +3
  • A ’chomhachag bheag uaine ‒ Duolingo in Scottish Gaelic (and Irish, and Welsh)
    The online learning platform Duolingo offers three courses in Celtic languages: Irish, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic. +2
  • Meoi, Miog, Miaug & Miaulin!
    At Troy University’s “Conference on Domestic Cats in Literature” (11-12 June 2021), I presented some of my ideas on cats in the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. +1
  • Mami Wata
    The mermaid story about Mami Wata below is written by a user under the pseudonym of lucien_cramp, and republished with the author’s permission. +1
  • Another day, another offering.
    A mermaid fanfic written by sweetbydesign and republished with the author’s permission. 0
  • (mis)representations of female autism
    At a nightclub, a man offers a pretty blond woman a drink. She has obviously shown interest in him, but turns the drink down. He is confused – was she not interested? She then approaches him, frankly tells him that she’s not thirsty… and invites him to have sex in her house. +3
  • Mind over Matter
    Growing up, I did not even know bisexuality existed, let alone know anyone who was bisexual. Consequently, I often felt that I had to make a choice: did I fancy boys, or did I fancy girls? +1
  • “The Promise” (2021) by Obszarska
    Below, you’ll find my very rough first translation of the 2021 story “The Promise” by Polish author Obszarska. It is a love story between King Alfred and a girl called Elfvige, which takes place mainly in a library, where Elfvige is learning about the importance of understanding Viking culture and customs for the future of England. +2
  • Travel blog Winchester
    This Friday evening will mark the fourteenth edition of “Old English Fun Time Online” – the superb monthly event of the Facebook group “Old English Enthusiasts” (yup, indeed, one of the two groups that served as a model for Japan Fans). +3
  • Neo-medieval covers of game music
    One of my favourite conferences is about the study of video game music aka ludomusicology. Last month, it was held again and to my great joy, I got to be the first speaker. Here’s a little blog made out of my notes from the presentation with YouTube videos of the music. +5
  • “I’ll be back”—Neo-medieval cyborgization through the lens of Westworld’s main character Dolores
    Here is the transcript of my talk for the virtual seminar series “What (is) Medieval”, designed to provoke thoughts on the Middle Ages and all its associated definitions and connotations, run by Emma Wells & Claire Kennan. +5
  • A gorchest Prydain: The United Kingdom through Asterix’s eyes
    Last year, my friend Wouter and I wrote this article for Kelten – the periodical of the A. G. van Hamel Foundation for Celtic Studies. With their permission, we now republish it in English. With many thanks to my co-author for his translation. +6
    Last night I had that dream again. I heard a voice of glass and iron, a voice oftobacco and boiling stew, the sound of barns set ablaze. A voice that soundedlike someone I knew, someone I met when I was young. Someone that, for areason surely known to God, I have long since forgotten. +6
  • On-screen Bi-versity
    To be honest, I had to think long and hard about the theme of this issue of BiWomenQuarterly. +4
  • Nullifying the Native
    An essay about the colonist propaganda in my childhood nostalgia, originally written for feminist magazine LOVER. +4
  • The Heredity and Magnanimity of King Alfred
    Last year, I stumbled upon this intriguing piece of Aragorn/Alfred cross-over fan fiction, written by Freikugels. Republished with permission of the author. +2
  • Plan with SPIRIT
    It is January 2021, and just over half way through the month, all around me I already heard and read about people who had given up on their good intentions. That is a pity – and unnecessary. Therefore, I wrote this guest blog for Jazzy Daze, about Planning with SPIRIT (vs. Planning with Ego) and: How to Stay Centered . In this post, I share some goal setting tricks, that will help you to plan with SPIRIT. Hope it helps! +2
  • Letting Go is Difficult But Allows Us To Grow
    Let it Go! Let it Go! 😉 – people with autism are notorious for their inability to let go – and I am no exception to this. That is why I wrote the following blog post for The Art of Autism: Letting Go is Difficult But Allows Us To Grow. A Dutch version was already published at Ik Overtref Me. Hope it helps! <3 +5
  • New Year’s Resolutions 2021
    It was and is a strange year, 2020. Nevertheless, a lot of great things have happened for me personally. I have been given many good opportunities and therefore I could achieve almost all of my 2020 goals. So now, on these (for me) “Churchless” Christmas Days, just days away from 2021, it is time to write my New Year’s resolutions for 2021! And I hope that these will also inspire you to enter 2021 with a wish to make the world a better place. +3