Home Strung

Home Strung - the naked guitar, solo album by Martine Mussies

I am happy to announce that my very first solo album is now available to listen to via all kinds of major platforms and streaming services (e.g. Spotify).

“Home Strung” features 15 Romantic guitar pieces and 2 encores, all recorded during the COVID lockdown, with nothing but my phone, a good microphone, and the guitar once given to me by my late friend Walter.

All tracks were captured in one take, no editing afterwards, so the result is as if you were sitting in the room with me. Not perfect – far from it – but human. I hope you will enjoy my aural reminiscence of this unique period in our recent history.

Home Strung - the naked guitar, solo album by Martine Mussies

Making of “Home Strung”

Summer 2020. Due to the Corona lock-down all my ensembles and concerts suddenly got cancelled. In order to continue to develop myself musically and to make others happy with my music, I started a new project: Home Strung – the naked guitar.

For this album, I played and recorded cozy homely guitar music – as “live” as a recording can be – in one take, without any edits afterwards. Just me and my guitar. The ultimate goal was to release an album on vinyl with intimate guitar playing – mainly solo, but I have included one of the duets with myself as a bonus track.

Below, you’ll find some clips for Home Strung from the practicing and recording process. I shared these on my social media to connect with others and was happy to receive many suggestions and special wishes! Moreover, I often got useful feedback, which has helped me tremendously to improve my guitar playing. 🙂