Yesterday, I stumbled upon this anonymous Dragon fanfic and wanted to keep it. In the stort story, a dragon is feared and alone, when it meets a knight seeking treasure. They become friends, but the knight must protect the dragon from those who still fear her. They fly off into the sunset, the dragon no longer alone.

This piece of Alfredian fanfiction by alhena_m35 was originally published via Wattpad and republished with permission of the author.

A piece of fanfiction about King Alfred written by “The Ancient Scribe”, published with the author’s permission.

For the “Jewish Fantasy Worldwide anthology” (forthcoming), edited by Valerie Estelle Frankel, I analysed Jewish elements in 21st century Alfredian fanfiction. One of my case studies is “Holy Land” (2022) by chiaraplacidi. With permission of the author, I republish it here.