Services: What can I do for You

With the August 2022 update of this website, I decided to add some more information about my shop and some examples of my services. What can I do for you?

If you like my work and you want to support me. If you think we fit together. If you want to work together professionally… then feel free to explore the options below.

Guestblogging & other writing services

In addition to my academic work, I enjoy writing thought-provoking blogs and articles for more popular media, such as magazines and websites. My keywords are autism, films & series, (neuro)psychology, mermaids, martial arts and music. I also like to write about museums, language and travel. Let me know if you could use a guest writer.

Record cello lines for your songs

Besides my own compositions, improvisations, arrangements etc. I also like to play along with other musicians, preferably from the comfort of my own home. Via the YouTube below, you can hear some snippets of Ms. Jacky Cello and me playing along with some recordings by my friend Dmitri Schrama. Like what you hear? Send me a recording of yourself and I’ll put some cello lines under it! 😊

Graphic Design & Illustrations

I like to put my imaging skills to use for people, organisations and projects I believe in. Check out my BudoGirl shop to see examples of my graphic work. And/or read this blogpost “Creative with Black Ink – Japan Fans & Budo Girl“.

Play a piano concert

Trained as a classical pianist, I often try to put my skills to good use by playing in elderly homes, during conferences and symposia, or at art festivals. Just contact me if you know a place that could use some piano music.

Compose music for your project

I always enjoy thinking about the music for a project. Are you looking for someone for your short film or documentary, for example? Then you can always approach me. This year, among others, I made the music for “Middeleeuwse Toestanden” (“Medieval Circumstances”), the podcasts of the medievalists of Leiden University.

The logo of the Leiden Medievalists' Podcast
The logo of the Leiden Medievalists’ Podcast

Services: What can I do for You?

Do you have another idea or question? Feel free to contact me to discuss the possibilities.