Art & Design

As I love to be creative in many ways, I often add a visual layer to my research and other writings, by creating art & design. This includes (digital & analogue) drawings, video, infographics and photographs (of myself, or of a 3D art work such as Ministeck Stalin).

I studied ceramics at the SBB Gouda and followed various courses in illustration & design, that – among others – lead to the BudoGirl brand. My work has been published and exhibited in vastly different contexts.

If you like, you can check my art & design for sale via my Etsy shop.

Art & Design by Martine Mussies, for The Spirit of Kanji, by Japan Fans, Japanese Art & Culture Centre Utrecht.
One of my works for “The Spirit of Kanji”, with many thanks to Jolijn for helping me with the blueprinting process!

Art & Design Exhibition

Currently, a selection of my works for “The Spirit of Kanji” is on display at ACU (a cultural centre in Utrecht) and various other places in Utrecht (such as libraries, community houses and cafes).

Workshop in Leeds

At the International Medieval Congress 2020 in Leeds, UK, I hosted a workshop “Collaging / Mindmapping / Zine making with your research“.