As a PhD student at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, I am writing my thesis about the Cyborg Mermaid. Click here for a list of publications connected to this idea.

Next to that, I am working on a monograph of what I call my ‘autiethnography’ – a scholarly & scientific work on autism, that combines my own experiences with my studies in neuropsychology at the University of Chicago (e-learning). Click here to read more about this.

Another project I am very passionate about bears the working title #KingAlfred . It is about the representation of Alfred of Wessex in 21st century media, such as series, games and fan art. Click here to read more about this project.

Besides these large projects, I also work on stand alone articles and blogs on subjects that interest me. Moreover, I like to work together with other scholars. Together with my friend Wouter, I research comic books, together with Mirjam, publish about the musical life in 19th century Utrecht, and together with my friend Jelka, I look at portrayals of stalking in the movies.

Me & my current research interests… a drawing for my workshop at the International Medieval Congress 2020.