Medievalisms – Adrian Le Roy on modern instruments

Medievalisms – Adrian Le Roy on modern instruments

Somewhere in late October ‘23 my harpsichord teacher (yup, that is the enigmatic ‘merchant of music and stories’ from my book!) had a surprise for me: a collection of lute tablature, by a composer named Adrian Le Roy (c.1520–1598).

It did not take long before I was hooked. Hours on end, I spend transcribing and arranging the pieces for some of the instruments I have at home. I recorded them on guitars (including a children’s guitar), ukuleles, mandolin and harp.

As you might expect from someone obsessed with medievalism, my friends got (far too) many WhatsApp voice messages of me playing yet another Brandle on yet another modern instrument. By the beginning of December 2023, I had a folder in my computer with all the live performances I did, from home, for my friends, over digital media (just like with HomeStrung).

So, it felt only natural that I would share these recordings with you as well! It is my aim and hope to show how fresh and relevant this repertoire still is, and to encourage other (amateur) players to try these pieces themselves. 😊

Available on all major streaming platforms: Medievalisms – Adrian Le Roy on modern instruments.