King Alfred and Viking Queen Lagertha (2021)

King Alfred and Viking Queen Lagertha (2021)

An 18+ fanfiction written by Izah_moh.

Within the vast, limitless expanse of the castle, King Alfred sat at his grand oak desk, mindlessly scribbling in his Enchiridion about the beautiful and stunningly enchanting Viking Queen Lagertha.
The King feverishly wrote, fearing not to forget a single moment he wished to write down on paper.
“She and Astrid ‘changed’ upon me by a nearby stream and the three of us have had a great time. I can tell she’s falling for me, for she barely noticed her friend leaving”.
The man smiled to himself, the vision of the scene ever vivid and present in his memory.
The Queen Lagertha was currently staying at his Castle, the enchanting beauty of the woman bewitched him to no end! Earlier in the evening King Alfred recalled the Queen stating that,
“I sure do oh so love it here,”
“Really?” King Alfred had replied.
“Yes, really.” The Viking Queen continued, “His majesty’s chambers in Fort Venta are the warmest and most cozy I’ve ever been in” She blatantly stated.
“Even more than yours?” King Alfred contested.
“Aye,” Queen Lagertha responded in her native dialect accent. “It is always so cold back in my chambers at home, even when Astrid’s around.”
“That is indeed most unfortunate,” the King sympathized. “But at least you’re enjoying your stay here.”
“Indeed,” the Queen nods in polite affirmation with a tinge of a blush coating her cheeks lightly.
King Alfred then remembered that after that encounter later in the evening, he and Viking Queen Lagertha had spend the early parts of the evening having a most wonderous dinner together.
He really did enjoy her company.
The King leaned back in his chair and he remembered the dinner went as follows.
They’d sat around a grand table sprawled with food of the most exquisite of varieties. The food tastes wonderful, as usual, and a very important conversation broke up while they were engaged and having their meal.
“I have to cancel the feast due to the war I am currently fighting against one of my enemies.” King Alfred spoke, lifting a large gold goblet to his lips, “Perhaps after the war I might throw a victory feast.”
Queen Lagertha quickly finished chewing her food before she responded, “Let us hope so.”
“I do not hope – I pray to the Father, so that he might free us from the power of the enemy and from eternal death.” King Alfred prayed.
“We are immortal until we die…” Queen Lagertha tried to finish off the prayer for him, a little bit absent mindedly, not fully paying attention to her words.
Kind Alfred felt a fire within him light up.
That was the final push the kind had needed! He could SURELY make the Viking Queen a Christian if he only continued to try hard enough!
King Alfred blinked open his eyes from the memory and quickly hunched back over his Enchiridion and scrawled out, “Nolo, a Deo dicatur tibi: o anima, quid gemis? Quid plangis iudicia mea?”
At that moment, the king swiftly made his decision, grabbing his flogger and exiting his room to make his way down the Viking Queens chamber.
He kicks down the door only to find Queen Lagertha sprawled on her bed reading from a book.
Caution about his sudden entry the Queen looks him over and freezes in shock and fear as she spots the big heavy flogger King Alfred currently wielded in his hand.
The queen got up from her bed and desperately tried to plead and beg, “Show me kindness and lenience!”
But King Alfred has decided.
He lifts his hand up and cracks the wipe violent over Lagertha’s pale white skin, the action leaving a brutal mark on first impact.
She tumbles back and hits the bedframe, tumbling down to her knees, but that still did not deter Alfred. He pulls her up to him, ripping aside her flimsy night drees, revealing her evident arousal and the rock-hard nature of her nipples at what he was doing.
“So…my little fox likes this, eh?” Kind Alfred teased, running a smooth hand over a soft skin.
“N-no!” The woman tries to say but couldn’t hide the fact it was a lie.
Alfred violently and quickly flips her over.
“Show me your fox tail,” he then says, referring to her butt as he slides a palm over it. He was very evidently growing more and more aroused and entranced with each passing second.
His hand was warm to the touch, very inviting as he squeezed Lagertha’s buttocks, but then she was violently distracted by the harsh sting of the material of the flogger contenting brutally to her supple skin, causing Lagertha to cry out in shock and alarm.
The red glow of Lagertha’s skin was like a drug to Alfred, as he craved to see more of it and see it spread across the entirety of the enchanting woman’s body. King Alfred erection growing bold and tighter within his pants.
“Yes, my fox cub, cry out to and for me in ecstasy and delight!” Another loud ‘WHIP!’ sound ringing through the night as the flogger connected to the Viking Queen’s skin.
Everything after this moment was a slight blur, as both parties had reached the height of their ecstasy and the night devolved into pure shared passion and delight. Both sating their deep carnal instincts.
Later that morning, in front of his desk yet again, Alfred was writing in his Enchiridion yet again. But this time, revealing some sinister secrets, he wrote the words, “Lagertha and I spent the night making sweet, illicit love…Vidi vici veni!”

My name is Martine and I am writing my PhD about the Cyborg Mermaid. On this website, you’ll find blogs about autism, cyborgs, fan fiction, King Alfred of Wessex, mermaids, music & musicology, martial arts, (neuro)psychology, video games, and random nerdiness.

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