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    Different from penguins: Representations of polyamory in Netflix’s Atypical

    Sam Gardner, the protagonist of the Netflix series Atypical, has an obsession with penguins and Antarctica. He tells us early on that penguins have a pattern of behaviour that is not true when it comes to humans: they mate for life. Throughout the series, Sam will explore (like the great explorer and researcher that he is) different ways of connecting with women. In this article we will delve into this issue and analyse how the series addresses love in general and polyamory in particular. +1

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    Rituals of an Urban Monk

    As your typical Aspergirl, fixed patterns and structures are important to me. That is why I am so attached to rituals. They bring peace to my mind and give me something to hold on to when I am sad or confused.  +1

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    Mind over Matter

    Growing up, I did not even know bisexuality existed, let alone know anyone who was bisexual. Consequently, I often felt that I had to make a choice: did I fancy boys, or did I fancy girls? +1

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    I am not your Manic Pixie Dream Girl

    Dating is difficult, complicated, messy, and awkward for everyone, I assume. But autism adds an extra layer of turmoil to that already unstable cocktail. Especially if you’re bisexual—and those last two identities often go hand in hand. Still, relatively little has been published about these intersections. In this essay I would thus like to share something of my experiences, somewhere in the triangle of dating, bisexuality, and autism. +4

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    Letters on paper / I shall write you every day / Beloveds of mine

    Dear readers, when was the last time you hand-wrote a letter? It may be decades ago when you jotted a letter to your penpal, or back in university when you wrote a letter to your parents, but do you remember how it felt? I do, because I regularly engage in the quaint, almost vintage, activity of snail mail. As sending and receiving snail mail turned out to have immense psychological, emotional and physical benefits for me, with this “open letter,” that was originally written for BWQ, I hope to inspire you to give it a try as well – because snailmail makes me happy. +1

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    Simple poetry // to resist and to reveal // grim realities

    For living on this planet, I pay “rent” – I contribute to the world with my music, my research, my arts+crafts, my love & friendship, and my writing. Although my name literally means “Little Warrior”, due to my autism, I cannot join my friends on the barricades. Therefore, I raise my voice through my own – soft & quiet – forms of resistance, to empower the misfits. On my blog and for BiWomenQuarterly, I write academic essays, auti-ethnographies and various forms of poetry, such as #biku . This piece tells more about the traditions of poetry in which I place myself, to conclude with a short poem about the current…