Mind over Matter

Growing up, I did not even know bisexuality existed, let alone know anyone who was bisexual. Consequently, I often felt that I had to make a choice: did I fancy boys, or did I fancy girls? For me, this was a question based purely on physical characteristics, which felt very silly: how can you generalize whom you like better: people with a willy or people with a pussy? It would be like stating that you will only date blonde people for the rest of your life. 

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Travel blog Winchester

This Friday evening will mark the fourteenth edition of “Old English Fun Time Online” – the superb monthly event of the Facebook group “Old English Enthusiasts” (yup, indeed, one of the two groups that served as a model for Japan Fans). The theme will be “Holidays” and that made me realise that I never wrote a blog about my wonderful (holi)days in Winchester. So here goes!

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