About me

As a PhD student at the University of Utrecht, the Netherlands, I am writing my thesis about the Cyborg Mermaid, or to be more concrete: about the way modern media empower people to create new stories based on mermaid mythology. What fascinates me most about the study of fantastic beings is that the way in which we shape them tells us so much about what it means to be human. Besides my research, I am a musician, I do martial arts and I study neuropsychology at the University of Chicago (via e-learning).

Just like your typical Aspergirl, I am an eternal student and a collector of many things. An aspiring #fitgirl and #polyglot, a vegetarian going vegan, and a member of the Dutch left green party. I am enthusiastic and open, with childlike energy, bouncing through life and activities from baking to singing and from crafting to gymnastics. Trained as a classical pianist I love to play in more ways than “just” music. I am a Japan Fan, and I adore cats, the colour blue and the number 8. My interests include video games, writing, reading, Sci-Fi, Alfred of Wessex, (neuro)psychology, autism, MOOCs, martial arts, learning languages and random nerdiness.

I started this new website in the spring of ’18, as a personal playground space to refine my thinking, test out ideas, improve my writing and connect with people who have similar interests. Just let me know if you have any questions, comments and/or suggestions. And please don’t forget to cite me when you use something from this blog. 😉

I am a big coffee lover – so if you like my work, consider donating me a ko-fi! ❤️☕

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