Vampire Mermaid – Terror Unleashed

Vampire Mermaid – Terror Unleashed

A piece of fanfiction about the Vampire Mermaid, written by an author under the pseudonym of “Siren King”.

The sea was dark and cold, a perfect night for a creature of the depths to emerge from the depths. The waves crashed against the shore, and the air was thick with the salty scent of seaweed and decay. It was on this night that a new terror was born, a creature that would strike fear into the hearts of sailors and beachgoers alike.

The vampire mermaid had been born from the union of a powerful vampire and a beautiful mermaid. She had the sleek body and sparkling scales of a mermaid, but her teeth were long and sharp, and her eyes glowed a sinister red in the moonlight.

She emerged from the water, her razor-sharp claws digging into the sand as she dragged herself onto the shore. Her mouth opened, revealing her fangs, as she surveyed the deserted beach. She could smell the sweet, metallic scent of blood on the wind, and her hunger grew.

She moved with a supernatural grace, her long hair streaming behind her as she stalked through the sand. She was searching for prey, any unlucky soul who had ventured too close to her territory.

She found her victim in a young couple, lost in each other’s arms and unaware of the danger that lurked in the shadows. She moved in silently, her fangs gleaming in the moonlight. She sank her teeth into the young man’s neck, drinking deeply of his life force. His screams echoed across the beach as his girlfriend watched in horror.

The vampire mermaid didn’t stop with just one victim. She continued to hunt, night after night, drawing in more and more prey with her siren song. The people of the town lived in fear, barricading themselves in their homes and praying for the monster to be caught.

But the vampire mermaid was too powerful, too cunning, too deadly. She continued to prowl the beach, searching for her next victim. And as long as the sea remained dark and cold, she would continue to hunt, her thirst for blood never sated.

My fantasy art called “Vampire Mermaid” (2023), which is also for sale in my Etsy shop.

My name is Martine and I am writing my PhD about the Cyborg Mermaid. On this website, you’ll find blogs about autism, cyborgs, fan fiction, King Alfred of Wessex, mermaids, music & musicology, martial arts, (neuro)psychology, video games, and random nerdiness.

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