Untitled King Alfred fanfiction (18+)

Written by a user under the pseudonym of “officeofbooks”.

King Alfred gazed upon the devious form of his student, Rozalina. Rozalina’s hair was a wild mane of vibrant red that shone in the light. Her youthful face was contorted into a mischievous smile, adding to her air of deviousness. Her eyes twinkled with a hint of malice, giving her an alluringly dangerous look.

“Now, let us begin,” King Alfred said, voice stern and brooking no nonsense. “These symbols here are called Beithe, they go like this…” He drew them out on the paper, and described their meaning to her.

Rozalina’s attention soon strayed away from King Alfred and his lesson, her mind wandering off to faraway lands. She imagined a dazzling array of exotic creatures that hummed with life and beauty.

King Alfred’s voice suddenly broke through the daydream and Rozalina returned to reality. The king was now standing directly in front of her, his face inches away from hers as he lectured her sternly. His piercing gaze made it clear that there would be no more daydreams during this lesson.

“You must pay attention! These symbols are crucial for learning about the magical world around us, something you seem to understand very little—you cannot learn them if your mind is elsewhere!” King Alfred said firmly yet kindly as he emphasized each word with a gesture or facial expression that underlined his point clearly without being overly imposing.

Something about his stern look and harsh words turned her on.
Nevertheless, Rozalina wouldn’t let herself be tamed just like that. With an impish grin she challenged the king.

“Well if you’re so concerned,” she said with a deeper voice than her usual high-pitched one. “Maybe I’ll pay more attention if I’m spanked…”

King Alfred’s eyebrow raised as he considered her request, a hungry gaze in his eyes. She was clearly joking and wanting to tease him but he couldn’t resist that naughty look and the words. Rozalina loved catching people off guard, surely even the king would be taken aback and unable to respond. Soon a dark smile spread across his face. With a mighty push and pull, Rozalina found herself at the mercy of her majesty as he bent her over her desk.

His heavy hand descended on her fleshy, round butt cheek with a resounding smack. It was enough to create a sound loud enough to reverberate throughout all of Batizein, but not so loud that it would have drawn the attention of anyone outside of the room – a lesson Rozalina was about to learn.

“Alfred!” Rozalina exclaimed in mock outrage and gasped for breath, “That was way too hard!”

The king sneered viciously, “If Discipline won’t teach you, Rozalina, then let pain be your master. Pray that you pay attention to what I’m teaching you.” Alfred finished decisively.

Rozalina was shocked but strangely turned on. She had not expected him to take her seriously and respond that way, and it ignited a fire of desire in her chest. His openness surprised and interested her as she felt his dominance ripple through every inch of the room.

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