Home Strung

Summer 2020. Due to the Corona lock-down all my ensembles and concerts suddenly got cancelled. In order to continue to develop myself musically and to make others happy with my music, I started a new project. For my album Home Strung, I play cozy homely guitar music – as “live” as a recording can be – in one take, without any edits afterwards. Just me and my guitar.

Above, you’ll find a YouTube playlist for HomeStrung – the naked guitar that features all the pieces I selected up till now. Suggestions and special wishes are of course very welcome! Because I want it to feel like the audience is sitting in my living room, I also share study films via social media. And that way I often get useful feedback, which also helps me to improve my guitar playing. 🙂

A Facebook live film of me working on an Andantino by Dionisio Aguado. ^_^

A YouTube video of me studying a Pastorale by Joseph Küffner.