Anonymous Dragon fanfic

Anonymous Dragon fanfic

Yesterday, I stumbled upon this anonymous Dragon fanfic and wanted to keep it. In the stort story, a dragon is feared and alone, when it meets a knight seeking treasure. They become friends, but the knight must protect the dragon from those who still fear her. They fly off into the sunset, the dragon no longer alone.

Once upon a time, in a land of fire and ice, there lived a dragon named Eldrida. She was feared by all, for her fiery breath could melt mountains and her icy gaze could freeze rivers. But beneath her fearsome exterior, Eldrida was lonely. She longed for a companion to share her hoard of treasure with.

One day, a brave knight named Leon set out to slay the dragon and claim her hoard for himself. But as he approached her lair, Leon saw something in Eldrida’s eyes that he had never seen in a dragon before: sadness. He lowered his sword and approached her cautiously.

“Why are you so lonely, dragon?” he asked.

“I am feared by all,” she replied, “and so I am alone.”

And so Leon and Eldrida became friends. They would spend their days flying together over the mountains and valleys, and at night they would curl up by the fire and tell each other stories of their past adventures. In time, they even fell in love.

But their happiness was not to last. For word of their friendship spread, and soon the people of the land came to see that the dragon was not so fearsome after all. They came to take her hoard of treasure, and to kill her.

In the end, it was Leon who saved Eldrida, using his bravery and his sword to protect her from the angry mobs. And as they flew away together into the sunset, Eldrida knew that she would never be lonely again, for she had found her true treasure: love.

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