After obtaining my MA in musicology, Russian literature and cultural analysis, I started researching mermaids in music. Now, I am working on a PhD on the topic of how modern media invite people to create new mermaid stories.

Ongoing projects:

♫ – The Queer Mermaid. Together with various (other) artists, such as Sylé, I am designing an RPG with a gang of queer mermaids as its main characters.

♫ – Jazz Jennings’s transmedial transformation of transition.

♫ – “Meerminnen”. An article about this song by Maria Zwollo-v.d. Maas and Louis Couperus.

♫ – A Mermaid’s Soul Beliefs. The concept of the soul in 20th century storytelling.

Soulless creatures?

Recent work:

♫ – The Bubbling Mermaid – or: how Internet invites the personal to become public.

♫ – The Bisexual Mermaid – Andersen’s fairy tale as an allegory of the bi-romantic sexual outsider.

♫ – Geografie – various publications about mermaids in the journal of The Royal Dutch Geographical Society.

♫ – The Cyborg Mermaid – or: how technè can help the misfits fit in.

♫ – Celtic Mermaids – between longing and belonging.

♫ – Hellen(ist)ic Mermaids – between longing and belonging.

♫ – Mermaids in Video Games

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