The Cyborg Mermaid

The Cyborg Mermaid – or: how technè can help the misfits fit in and stand out!

In feminist studies, the figure of the mermaid has long been regarded as flawed, disabled and less-than-human. Her theoretical counterpart in that respect would be the cyborg, an image used to show that with the help of robotics, humankind could be larger than life. So, what would happen if we could combine those two images and apply them to create “super love” more-than-human relationships? In my PhD, I am exploring the possibilities of technology for “mermaids”, people who normally fall outside the norm, to satisfy human desires in a new way.

Publications in English (selection):

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Publications in Dutch (selection):

“Het universum in haar broekzak” ‒ over online metamorfoses van Keltische meerminnen

Keltische meerminnen: tussen verlangen en vrees

Welshe Weemoed

Hoe Keltisch is Ondine?

Wereldbeelden vol zeemonsters

De “fantastische” geografie van De Kleine Zeemeermin

Meirminnen – Louis Couperus & Maria Zwollo

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