The Queer Mermaid

Together with various (other) artists, such as Sylé, I designed a video game with a gang of queer mermaids as its main characters. At EuroBiReCon 2016 I presented a paper with the theoretical framework behind this game design. The design itself in a playable version was presented at Open Huis in Overvecht, end 2016.

Article (still…) forthcoming in the Journal of Applied Sciences.

The video above shows some bits & pieces of my Game Design Document for an RPG called “The Queer Mermaid”. The story evolves around three non-traditional mermaids: Amar, Rosa, Seren. My friend Sylé imagined Amar – the one with the camera and the bag – as an intersex / gender neutral person with a talent for finding practical solutions and capturing important moments. Rosa – the mermaid of colour – is very intelligent and reads a lot. She writes and is the one who has background information on important matters. Seren – the fat mermaid – specializes in botany and caring, supportive … Everything grows in her hands. Amar and Rosa are introverted, Seren is more extroverted. As a triple, they embark on many adventures! ^_^ This musical track is called “Hope is what keeps us going” and with many thanks to Tom de Wit/TDW/Dreamwalkers Inc.

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