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    Mermaids of Colour

    When the Disney studios announced that they had cast Halle Bailey in the role of Ariel, aka The Little Mermaid, for their latest live-action remake, there was a wave of reactions and most of all: criticism. Twitter hashtags #NotMyMermaid and #NotMyAriel became trending topics and Halle was ridiculed in words as well as in ‘anti-fan art’. And why? Not because anyone doubted the acting and singing talent of the 19-year-old R&B star. Nobody questioned the judgment of director Rob Marshall who praises Halle’s ”rare combination of spirit, heart, youth, innocence, and substance, plus a glorious singing voice”. No, the hatred is based solely on Halle’s skin colour supposedly not matching…

  • creative writing

    The Cyborg Mermaid meets King Alfred

    Last year, I jokingly wrote this (alter) ego-inserting fanfic, placing my PhD topic in the story world of Netflix’ The Last Kingdom. It was published on different fora, but lacked a stable place online. So, I decided to republish it here. Enjoy!

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    Frankenstein Mermaids

    Last week, I had to chance to brighten those dreary nights in November with a visit to Edinburgh and the lively “Fates of Frankenstein”, a two-day conference about Frankenstein’s legacies in popular culture. My presentation was about “Frankenstein Mermaids” and if you are interested, you can read read more about that in this article that was published in Foundation.

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    The cyborg mermaid – a chobits fan fiction

    Another original piece of fan fiction on this blog. 🙂 Clonroise from Tumblr account @underneathoursouls wrote a Chobits fan fiction about the cyborg mermaid, with many Irish influences. The use of different fonts refers to inner monologue in this piece and the use of Irish will be translated at the end of the work and is written in italics.

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    Zombie Reconstructions in Contemporary Society: the Zombie Mermaid

    At this moment, I am working on a chapter for an edited volume called “Deconstructing the Zombie: Cultural and Ideological Approaches”. It can hardly be a surprise that I am working on the composite character of the Zombie Mermaid. 😉 As I am very keen on your feedback and suggestions (some more case studies, anyone?), I thought it would be nice to share some of my work-in-progress with you.

  • The Bubbling Mermaid

    For Lapsody 2017, themed ‘The Bubble’, I designed a presentation/performance about the bubbling mermaid. The action of watching a movie can be described as being in a bubble, where the viewer is submerged in the story, the images, the music. But with the rise of Internet video, watching movies and films became far more accessible and open. This led to a more participatory culture, in which the viewer can become the (co-)creator. Pausing the You-Tube offers a whole range of new possibilities for professional artists and amateur crafters alike. Replaying a particular song over and over allows musicians and music teachers to arrange their own versions of the film score.…